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This Keyboard Wedge software was written originally for use with Microsoft DOS and was first issued during the late 1980s. Initially the software was produced for use by barcode scanners but subsequently many other RS232 instruments made use of it- for example weighing equipment.

It may be posssible to arrange that the software works under the Microsoft Windows operating system but we cannot offer any help or advice in this regard. The software is provided in the belief that it may be helpful to some users in some circumstances. However the software is provided 'as is' with no support or warranty of any kind.

Users who need a guaranteed Keyboard Wedge system should consider the use of the Altek Mule interface. 'The Mule' is a hardware based wedge system that works reliably with all operating systems including Windows and Linux.

BarWedge, SoftWedge, HardWedge, KeyWedge and The Mule are trademarks of Altek Instruments Ltd. Walton-on-Thames. Surrey UK.


A simple program to view the output from Keyboard Wedge and/or RS232 Scanners. It runs in a DOS window on a Windows PC.


MuleSave allows KeyWedge™ data from 'The Mule' interface to be displayed and saved to a disk file. Simple intuitive user interface. Originally supplied as a utility with the AL1400 data collector (now discontinued) for use by libraries and others with simple data collection requirements. It runs in a DOS window on a Windows PC.


ToolKit is an enhanced version of MuleSave. Includes the ability to capture and save both KeyWedge and RS232 data to disk. It runs in a DOS window on a Windows PC.

Legacy Software

Software for non current barcode equipment.

Altek Multimode Decoder


The software required to reprogram the Altek Multimode decoders. This is a DOS program and was the latest version before the product was discontinued. You will need to connect the decoder to the computers COM1 serial port for programming.

The software consists of two files which may be downloaded as individual files or together as a single zipped file which contins both files.

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