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For 30 years I have been helping organisations and individuals with their Barcode and Auto ID issues but now I have decided it is time to move on and retire from being the Barcode Man.

I will continue to respond to emails from existing customers about their earlier purchases, their special programming configurations and warranty issues but I regret I cannot help with new purchases or issues nor recommend alternative products or sources.

Lee Allen, The Barcode Man. February 2010

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Gryphon Bluetooth Cordless Scanner


  • Barcode scanning free from cable constraints
  • Bluetooth 1.2 compliant
  • Keyboard emulation and virtual COM port data input
  • High speed data transmission: zero delay
  • Two year manufacturers warranty
  • Sunrise 2005 Compliant

Package Contents

  • Gryphon Bluetooth Scanner
  • Gryphon Buletooth Base/Charger
  • Power Supply Unit suitable for UK
  • Bluetooth USB Class 1 Dongle for PC

Applications and Suitability

  • Data collection in commercial, retail, manufacturing/shop floor, office, healthcare, library and similar environments

General Description

The Gryphon BT Cordless scanner is a new member of the successful Gryphon mobile family. It shares the same powerful architecture of the other models with a special addition: the latest innovation in the wireless communication, Bluetooth technology. This technology provides the operator with wider mobility and no cable constraint. Bluetooth is a standard defined worldwide, and it allows various devices manufactured by different companies to easily connect and communicate with each other.

The new Gryphon BT contains the Datalogic Bluetooth radio module, which is compliant with the up-to-date Bluetooth 1.2 standard. It can communicate with its base receiver and any PC, Laptop, PDA, mobile phone, printer etc. that includes an embedded Bluetooth module or an external commercial Bluetooth dongle. The implemented Bluetooth profile (i.e. the "protocol" used for communication) is provided by the SPP=Serial Port Profile: the Bluetooth device is seen by the host like a virtual COM port. Bluetooth technology has been added to a first class scanner.

Thanks to the state-of-art optics and a decode rate of 270 scans/sec, reading performance in terms of decoding capability and reading quickness makes the Gryphon BT very user friendly, intuitive and fast. Furthermore, the blue spot projected onto the barcode after a good read provides good reading feedback and makes the user’s job easier, especially in noisy environments.

Altek Instruments Ltd are Datalogic approved suppliers of this and other scanners via their BarcodeMan Web site and provide full ongoing support.

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Prices & Ordering
The Web Prices shown here are specially discounted and apply only for automated credit card orders made from this web page. If you need a special configuration mention it on the order form and I will contact you if further details are needed. Purchase orders from existing customers, educational, public sector and other organisations are accepted. Normal prices and conditions will apply. Please ask if you need help or a quote.
Gryphon Bluetooth Cordless Scanner Part
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Thumbnail image of: DLGRYBT100
Gryphon BT100-CS Bluetooth System. Includes Scanner, Base, UK Power Supply Unit and free USB Class 1 Dongle for your PC. Usually ships within 48 hours and delivered worldwide less than 7 days. DLGRYBT100  £ 475.00 add to cart

Gryphon Bluetooth Advanced Configuration Manual Part
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This manual is only needed by technical personel who understand the issues and want to program advanced features themselves. DLGRY-BTtech Free Download
File size 2.2Mb

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