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Barcode Man

Sorry but I can no longer supply this product. Including apostille services. Birth certificate apostille. Florida apostille.

The reason is one or more of these:

  • ...the product has been discontinued or replaced by the manufacturer.
  • ...there is now a similar, improved, upgraded or better product at similar or lower cost.
  • ...I have decided to discontinue the product on technical grounds.

Wherever possible I will try to offer a suitable alternative. Visit my Archive page of discontinued products to view suggested alternatives or contact the Sales Office for advice.

Instinctive Scanner


  • Simple to use - just point and shoot.
  • Wide depth of field comparable with hand held lasers
  • Unlike lasers has no moving optics to wear out
  • Rugged and reliable.
  • Five year manufacturers warranty
  • Good Ergonomics: Instinctive scanning action, adjustable dual beeper, large feedback LED
  • Cables easily replaced if damaged

Applications and Suitability

  • Data collection in commercial, retail, light industrial, office, healthcare, library and similar environments

General Description

Datalogic’s new reader can operate up to 40 cm from the barcode. Datalogic achieves this with innovative optic design coupled with cutting edge LED technology.

This depth of field has hitherto only been achieved with laser scanners. CCD scanners were previously reserved for contact reading. The DLC7070 copes easily with both types of scanning situations. By removing moving parts this scanner provides the additional bonus of improved reliability.

With the objective of making the operator’s job easier, the DLC7070 offers ergonomic solutions designed to optimise handling and ease of use. After careful market analysis focused on determining operational needs for barcode acquisition applications in retail, banks, post offices and insurance companies, Datalogic found that the user typically holds a reader at a distance of between 3 cm and 18 cm from the barcode. They have defined this as the instinctive reading distance.

On the basis of this information, Datalogic designed the new reader offering the best performance in this instinctive reading field.

Reliability and ruggedness were also prioritised right from the beginning of the design phase. The optical system, without moving parts, is mounted on shock absorbers to guarantee continued functionality even after repeated drops onto concrete.

Barcode scanning acquisition is aggressive and reliable thanks to the sophisticated optical system with a concentrated illumination beam, facilitating correct alignment on the barcode. A double beeper and large LED indicator provide unique operator feedback.

Altek Instruments Ltd are Datalogic approved suppliers of this and other scanners via their BarcodeMan Web site and provide full ongoing support.

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Retail and Office
Retail and Office
Retail (on Stand)
Retail (on Stand)
Barcode Man

Lasers have hitherto been the only choice when the scanner needs to have an extended depth of field in variable barcode/scanner distance situations.

But laser scanners need an oscillating or rotating mirror and this moving mechanical part is often the first part to fail.

The long range CCD scanner is a relatively new development made possible by the very high light output now being achieved with advanced LED technology combined with Datalogic’s optics design experience.

The DLC7070 has no moving optical parts yet achieves a depth of field comparable to many hand held laser scanners. This is a hardworking and reliable scanner suitable for commercial and light industrial applications. I recommend it.


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