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For 30 years I have been helping organisations and individuals with their Barcode and Auto ID issues but now I have decided it is time to move on and retire from being the Barcode Man.

I will continue to respond to emails from existing customers about their earlier purchases, their special programming configurations and warranty issues but I regret I cannot help with new purchases or issues nor recommend alternative products or sources.

Lee Allen, The Barcode Man. February 2010

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Label Printing Software for Windows

A fast and simple way to create professional quality barcode labels.

Bartender Bartender
Bartender Bartender
  • Quick and easy on-screen label design. Customized, professional quality labels can be created in minutes.
  • Total control over your label's appearance. Specify any size barcode, any size and style of text, and any size label.
  • Barcodes are displayed accurately - know exactly what your labels will look like before you print them.
  • Numeric and alphabetic serialization. Increment or decrement by any interval.
  • Supports standard Windows printers, such as laser, ink-jet, dot-matrix and any other printer with a Windows driver.
  • Numerous ready-to-use label designs. Pre-designed label formats included covering a wide variety of industrial and business applications. Can be used "as is" or modified to fit your exact needs.
  • Import and export capabilities. Add company logos and pictures of products to your labels by importing graphics from all major graphics formats. You can also export the barcodes for use in your other software packages.
  • Variety of data input capabilities: enter data in advance or at print time; automatically serialized data strings; automatic time and date values; four different text file formats; support for virtually all databases and spreadsheets - print labels directly out of your existing programs

Screen Shot

Screen Shot: Bartender Enterprise



BarTender gives you total control over your label's appearance. Specify any size and quantity of barcodes and any size and style of text on any size label (or page). Choose from over twenty barcode symbol types, including all of the major symbologies, as well as 2D barcodes like PDF417 and postal barcodes.

BarTender supports any printer with a Windows driver. Plus virtually all industrial laser, ink-jet and dot-matrix printers. (The Bartender site has a full list)

Thermal printer users are no longer limited to just a few built in, generic typefaces. BarTender`s printer drivers let you output the same rich variety of Windows based TrueType and Adobe fonts previously available only on laser printers. All fonts scale smoothly to any size, without the "blockiness" seen with some enlarged thermal printer fonts.

Import & Export most graphics formats

It's easy to add company logos and pictures of products. BarTender supports all major graphic formats, including BMP, DCX, DIB, DXF, EPS, IMG, JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIF, WMF, WPG. You can also export bar codes for use in other software packages.

Supported Barcode Symbologies

Linear Bar Codes
AIAG FIM A Royal Mail
Australia Post FIM B RSS
Canadian Customs HIBC Primary SCC-14
Codabar HIBC Secondary SSCC-18
Code 128 Interleaved 2-of-5 Telepen
Code 39 (Regular) ISBT 128 Tri-Optic
Code 39 (Full ASCII)ITF-14 UCC-EAN 128
Code 93 Japanese Post UPC-A
EAN 128 KIX Code UPC-E
EAN Bookland LOGMARS UPS Tracking
EAN-JAN-8 MSI Plessey US Postal
Two Dimensional Bar Codes
Aztec Maxicode QR Code (Standard)
Datamatrix PDF417 (Standard) QR Code (Micro)
EAN.UCC Composite PDF417 (Micro) TLC39
more info Link to Manufacturer Data
Click to open a new browser window with the manufacturers data for this product. Close the new browser window to return to this page. Please Note: Manufacturers often change their web sites without regard to existing links. Unfortunately we have no control over this. Sorry if the link fails- please let us know so we can correct it.

Download a fully working 30 day trial here

The Trial Edition of BarTender functions for 30 days just like the full-working product. After that time, BarTender will run in a slightly limited "demo mode" that randomly changes one character in each bar code or text field that you print. For example, if you were going to print out a text or bar code field that said "ABCD", it might print out as "ABXD" instead.

Note: If you purchase the full-working BarTender from Barcode Man it will load and print any label designs created with the Trial Edition downloaded from this site - even if they were designed while in "demo mode".

BarTender Pack
Prices & Ordering
The Web Prices shown here are specially discounted and apply only for automated credit card orders made from this web page. If you need a special configuration mention it on the order form and I will contact you if further details are needed. Purchase orders from existing customers, educational, public sector and other organisations are accepted. Normal prices and conditions will apply. Please ask if you need help or a quote.
BarTender Basic Edition, Printing & Labeling Software Part
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BarTender Barcode Printing Software, 1 User, Basic Edition. bt32i-BSC  £ 174.00 add to cart

BarTender Pro, Printing & Labeling Software Part
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BarTender Pro, 3 Users bt32i-pro3  £ 857.61 add to cart
BarTender Pro, 5 Users bt32i-pro5  £ 1363.31 add to cart
BarTender Pro, 10 Users. bt32i-pro10  £ 2524.89 add to cart

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