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For 30 years I have been helping organisations and individuals with their Barcode and Auto ID issues but now I have decided it is time to move on and retire from being the Barcode Man.

I will continue to respond to emails from existing customers about their earlier purchases, their special programming configurations and warranty issues but I regret I cannot help with new purchases or issues nor recommend alternative products or sources.

Lee Allen, The Barcode Man. February 2010

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ASR2600 Card Reader

ASR2600: All purpose card reader

..."it reads all 3 mag stripe tracks plus a barcode in one swipe!"

The ASR2600 is a Barcode and Magnetic Stripe Reader combined. It reads up to three tracks of magnetic stripe information plus a barcode with a single swipe in either direction.

The reader is designed for heavy duty and demanding applications like Access Control, Club Membership, Time & Attendance, ID card, Self-Service Kiosks, and a whole range of other User Identification tasks. Its die-cast metal base, stainless steel wearplate, and impact-resistant housing make it ideal for high-volume traffic.

It reads virtually all commercial and industrial barcodes in common use today, including Code 128 and Code 39. It reads the magnetic stripes found on Credit Cards, Loyalty Cards and virtually all other mag stripe cards.

The ASR2600 Slot Reader has a full repertoire of data editing and formatting features. It can be programmed to divide, rearrange, edit and validate fields of scanned data. In addition, it allows for up to 16 preamble or postamble characters. It can be programmed to omit or transmit any of the three mag stripe tracks or barcode that may be present on the card.

Programming is achieved by sending special codes via the RS232 interface to the reader. The programming is remembered the next time the reader is powered on. If preferred we can program the reader to your precise requirements before despatch at no extra charge. Once we have your specific programming requirments on file each further reader purchased at a future date will be automatically programmed for you before despatch. You just connect up and start scanning.

The reader is ideally suited for small scale applications where you may need to change the data structure in the light of working experience. For larger scale deployment the reader can be used as a development tool. When the final form of the data is decided it may be possible to substitute lower cost hardware limited to just the features you need.

The slot reader is a designed for professional users who usually need a RS232 interface which can be connected direct to a PC running dedicated software or other special purpose equipment.

A keyboard wedge version is available for simpler applications but this restricts the ability to program special data formats. An infra red version is also available to read obscured security barcodes. Please contact the sales office to discuss exact requirements if you need these or other special features.


ASR2600: Technical Specifications

Electrical and Mechanical
Power RequirementNeeds regulated DC supply providing 150mA at 5v±10%;
Comms Connector9 pin Female Dee with screw jacks. Pinout suits standard PC serial port.
Power ConnectorRegular power jack (2.1mm pin) moulded into rear of Comms connector. Centre Positive
Cable Length:1.8m (6 feet) straight cable
Bar Code Source LightVisible red 660nm
Minimum Bar Code PCS60%
Bar Code Centerline12.7mm (0.5 inches) from bottom of slot to center of reading window
Barcode symbologiesCode 39, Code 128, Industrial and Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, EAN 13 and 8, UPC A and E (and others, please enquire)
Bar Code Resolution0.16mm (6 mil or 0.006inches) minimum
Magnetic Stripe FormatsISO 7811, AAMVA, and CA DMV
Swipe Speed0.13 - 1.4 metre/sec (5 - 55 inches/sec) bi-directional (normal density mag stripe)
Media Thickness0.25mm - 1.40mm (.01 -.055 inches)
Nominal Slot Width1.4mm (.055 inch)
DimensionsLength 127mm (5 inches), Width 52mm (2.05 inches), Height 35mm (1.38 inches)
Operating Temperature5°C to 55°C (41°F to 131°F)
Storage Temperature-22°F to 149°F (-30°C to 65°C)
HumidityMaximum 95% non-condensing
Electronics MTBFRead electronics, bar code:30,000 POH. Read electronics, magnetic: 50,000 POH. Interface electronics, RS232/Keyboard: 50,000 POH
Magnetic Head Life500,000 passes minimum. (1,000,000 passes available.)
Rail and Cover Life1,000,000 passes minimum
Magnetic Read RateLess than one error in 100,000 bits on cards conforming to ISO 7811 1-5 (not induced by operator error)
WarrantyOne year
Footprint & mounting hole details
The ASR2600 can be used by simply placing it on a horizontal surface like a desk or counter. For a more permanent installation it can be screw fixed with hidden fixings from the rear. The cable can be arranged to exit the reader from the side or end but for greater security can be hidden from view by passing it through the mounting surface.
Prices & Ordering
The Web Prices shown here are specially discounted and apply only for automated credit card orders made from this web page. If you need a special configuration mention it on the order form and I will contact you if further details are needed. Purchase orders from existing customers, educational, public sector and other organisations are accepted. Normal prices and conditions will apply. Please ask if you need help or a quote.

Tested immediately before shipping and programmed ready to scan. If you have special requirements please specify when ordering and we will program them for you at no extra cost.

Card/Swipe/Slot Reader Part
Web Price
UK pounds
to cart
Thumbnail image of: ASR2600-rs
All Purpose Card Reader, Slot Reader, Swipe Reader. RS232 interface. Reads all 3 mag stripe tracks plus barcodes. Reads mag stripe from Credit Cards. ASR2600-rs  £ 262.00 add to cart
Thumbnail image of: ASR2600-kw
All Purpose Card Reader, Slot Reader, Swipe Reader. KeyWedge™ interface ASR2600-kw  £ 262.00 add to cart
Thumbnail image of: ASR2100-rs
Card Reader for Barcodes only. (Does not read magnetic tracks). Intended as a replacement for the now discontinued NSR120 card reader. ASR2100-rs  £ 208.00 add to cart

Accessories Part
Web Price
UK pounds
to cart
Programming manual for the ASR2600 slot reader/card reader ASR2600-prog  £ 10.00 add to cart
Power Supply suitable for ASR2600-rs Reader (UK style) ASR2600-psuk  £ 12.50 add to cart
Power Supply suitable for ASR2600-rs Reader (European style) ASR2600-pseu  £ 12.50 add to cart
Power Supply suitable for ASR2600-rs Reader (USA style) ASR2600-psus  £ 12.50 add to cart
An external power supply is not needed for the KeyWedge interface model.

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